Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Changing of the Garb

In a few days time we'll be wrestling with the Christmas tree and hanging lights on our front porch. All this craziness is an attempt to show our holiday spirit on the outside of our homes, the inside, and anywhere else we can find a niche, crevice or shelf with room for a garland. We're saying, it's winter. We're ready to lay down Lady Fall and open the door to Old Man Winter.

Which is wild, really, considering my boys are still marching around in Halloween costumes. When I see a fellow mother of the festooned costume-wearer in public I always look over with empathetic eyes and say, "I love you." Which is to say:

I appreciate that you are fostering creativity in your home.
You are so right to let your child express his individuality through his clothes.
It's not as embarrassing after the first 23 times, is it?
How many days in a row?
Have you found a good detergent for those flimsy polyester numbers?
Did you know you can get those at Target the week after Halloween for a quarter of the cost!?!?!?
Has he/she worn a costume to school, yet?
Mine has, should I be worried?
How many "personalities" does your child don?
You are such a good mom.

In other words, sometimes when it is said, "Oh! How I love thee, let me count the ways." It should actually be said, "I understand you, I don't know how to say it other than I love you."

PHOTO NOTE: Notice yesterday's costume on the floor.


coco_angel said...

Lol, you make me so happy. Tori hasn't requested to wear her princess dresses to preschool yet, which kind of surprises me. But at home she wears them more than actual clothing! But what can you do. Pretty soon they'll be in high school and we'll miss the days of taking them to the store dressed up in their finest. Let's enjoy it while it lasts!

Glenda said...

Ahhh...the days of getting away with being someone other than who you have to be....

Claudia said...

I cannot express enough how much I love that your boys wear costumes.

laurel said...

I LOVE it!!! Your boys make me smile!