Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Everything I Wanted

I get headaches. Bad ones. I can still describe to you the occasion of the first one I remember, which felt like it split my head wide open in about the 3rd grade.

I was just searching the medicine cabinet for something strong to battle one, when Cooper came looking for me. Of course he had like 30 questions. I was none too eager to speak aloud let alone answer his bazillion questions. So when we got to the part where he wanted to know why I had a headache I told him I thought it was because I grind my teeth.

He then proceeded to repeat to me -- word for word -- a commercial for a night mouth guard that he had seen on T.V. He even said, "clenching can cause damage to your teeth, mom." Of course I said, "Cooper you are quite possibly the smartest boy I have ever met, ever." This people is when it got interesting.

"Is that why you bought me?"

"I didn't buy you, I grew you."

"Oh, is that what you wanted to grow, a smart boy?"

"Well, not exactly. But I like what I got."

Blank stare. Some unabashed blinking of the minkiest eyelashes I've ever seen.

"I only wished you would be well and wonderful, and you are. Plus you're smart."

"Did you eat me?"

Aside from being hysterical, I can't put the conversation out of my mind. How do you explain to your child that you didn't wish for him exactly, but you love exactly what you got? They earnestly want to know this. I know I did, or rather I still do. Every child wants to know if you love him. And to know if you wished for him. For his individual awesomeness. Of course we do not wish for it. And yet, once you have them they are everything you wish for, and more. This might not actually be true for all parents, but it is to me.

So while I contemplate this mystery of the ages, I am also panicking because it's only a matter of time before he presses me on the, "Did you eat me?" in order to grow me question. And we all know how I handle pressure situations.

PHOTO NOTE: I don't have very many pictures of my kids right now. I've been listening to them, instead of sticking a lens up their nose. They just show off anyway.


Patti said...

That has to be one of the funniest things I've ever heard a kid say. He is soooOoo adorable AND incredibly smart. And the way you write adds to it. I really enjoy reading your blog.

coco_angel said...

LOL!!!! Oh my gosh I miss your boys. We need to get the kids together soon!! They are hilarious!

Adamo said...
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Claudia said...

I, too, love how smart Cooper is. It's amazing what he remembers...commercials, stories about how auntie Claudia got the baby in her belly a year and a half ago...I bet he's gonna be a great test taker!

Glenda said...

You have put into words exactly what I have often felt....I didn't wish for it exactly, but I am so glad that I got, a writer - a soul so observant with sensitivity and creativity to be able to share with others.
You are the writer I always hoped I would be...

laurel said...

He is so hysterical! So smart too. You will be fine when the pressure situation comes...from personal experience you panic at first and then say something stupid and then after you think about it, you go back and say something great. It is just the initial shock! We are going to Texas for THanksgiving. Leave in the am. I will miss your blog till we get back. Put up a funny video of Maylin. Check it out.