Monday, November 16, 2009

For Every Action

It turns out that I don't really think through things sometimes. Like when on Sunday I decided to go ahead and buy that cabinet I wanted for the bathroom. It takes 21 days to ship. So, you know what that means?

In the next 21 days I must....

1. Strip all the wallpaper off my bathroom walls and ceiling. Yes, the ceiling. Who puts wallpaper on a ceiling anyway? I have a feeling I'll be returning to my physical therapist before long.

2. Pull out two vanity cabinets and sinks and counter tops. Do you think I can sell these on Craig's List? How much should I charge?

3. Remove all the towel rods, in-wall medicine cabinets, and strange toilet paper holder that is sunken into the wall. None of these will return... so you know what that means...

4. Cap off the plumbing to one of the existing vanity sinks. Patch all the holes in the walls and mud the walls.

5. Tear our carpet. Yes, carpet. Shouldn't carpet in a bathroom be against code? Seriously it as dangerous as an electrical outlet above the shower head. Black mold and pee. That's all I'm saying.

6. Pull out the toilet and baseboards.

7. Lay tile and seat new toilet.

After all that is done... the new cabinet should arrive. Then I must...

8. Order a counter top and sink and have them installed. I'm not even sure if the installer includes the faucet in that project, but we'll see.

9. Last but not least, paint and replace the baseboards.


Claudia said...

YOU are going to be doing all this? Yikes...the thought of doing all that by myself is not pleasant. Good luck with all that. I'm sure it'll look great when you're all done! You better post some pics.

Rachel said...

What a project. I'm sure in the end it will be worth the backaches and headaches.
Thanks for the offer on the costume. I would love it if your really looking to give it away.

Adamo said...

A good pricing mechanism is seeing the comps in Craig's list. Search like items and see how much they are selling for/how long they have been listed for sale.

Hope it goes well.

laurel said...

You seriously crack me up. You make the most stressful thing sounds funny. I know you are stilling feeling stress, but it was fun to read about. I can't believe you are tackling that. You are the woman.