Friday, November 20, 2009

Pour Some Sugar on Me

It’s a rare occasion when I get to grocery shop alone. I of course prefer to shop alone. I can actually look for the items on my list without the constant barrage of begging for Fruit Loops and Oreo Cookies.

Following the much-anticipated parent-teacher conference I rounded out the evening with a solo-shopping trip. I was already in a funk thanks to the conference (more on that later) and doubly funkified to be shopping to the sounds of what I can only describe as the Top 10 Van Halen Songs of the 80s. When I pulled a gallon of rocky road ice cream out of the freezer the lyrics of Jump almost forced me to pick up two more gallons.

Anyway, I get to the checkout and am greeted by a sweet, if perhaps over-energetic checker. She appears to be about 20, but could be as young as 18.

And then I hear it, the familiar opening bars to "Pour Some Sugar on Me", a song by Def Leppard. As the song starts blaring from the overhead speakers the girl pauses, cocks her head as if to listen just a bit more intently and squeals, “Oh my God! This is my mom’s favorite song.”

This is where I cringe. Not because I hate the song, but because I once loved it. As does her MOTHER, not her sister, not her aunt, her MOTHER. Am I that old? If I had kept up with some of my high school peers I could have a child who is a checker at the local Kroger. Instead I’m actually buying another box of pull-ups for my baby.

To be clear, Pour Some Sugar on Me is from Def Leppard’s Hysteria album, released in 1987. I was only in seventh grade back then, so no I could not have a child who is 20. BUT, my husband graduated in 1986, so HE could have a child who is a checker at the local Kroger. And that freaked me out. Is this how it begins? Next I’ll be wearing Pull On Polyester Pants from Sears.

PS -- This girl had to ask me what each of the vegetables I bought was. She couldn't tell a zucchini from a butternut squash and had no idea what ginger root was.


Glenda said...

LOVE IT....I have these "cold reality" episodes daily...but it is even funnier when my children do!

coco_angel said...

HAHA!!! I was 2 when that album was released! Makes you feel old doesn't it! ;-)

Angenette said...

I have the same veggie-related problem when I shop. I just beat them to the punch and hand them things one at a time, saying "endive, flat leaf parsley not cilantro, bok choy," etc. It's easier.

Also, that bit about getting old? Yeah, it's upon us. My nephew told me I was old when I told him def leppard blew chunks. He said I was too old to know good music. Little did he know I heard those songs when they were new, and hated them then as I hate them now.

Ryan and Andrea said...

Yes, we are THAT old! Scary, huh?

Adamo said...

I can still remember Trent bringing home that tape--yes I said tape--newly purchased from the Shopko back when Shopko was still orange. Dad had that silver sound system with all the cool analog dials. I remember explaining to my friends 5 and 6 year old friends that the drummer for Def Leppard only had one arm because of a motorcycle accident. Now that music is considered Classic Rock. Classic. That means old.