Saturday, May 30, 2009

First Conversation I Never Want to Have Again

Big moment in history today. Cooper helped Steve mow the lawn, for the first time. He followed it up with plunging headlong into his first serious birds-and-the-bees question.

Coop: Mommy how did you get us?

Me: What do you mean? (Is that a hive I feel?)

Coop: How did you and Steve get me and Mason?

Me: Ummmmmmm. (It's hot in here. I'm hot, are you hot?) We grew you.

Mason: (Whips head around sharply.) What!?!??!

Me: Why are you asking me this? (Are my rings getting tight? Are the walls moving in?)

Coop: When are you going to grow some more boys?

Me: Oh! I'm not going to grow anymore boys. (Mason is still staring me down.)

Mason: Why?!?!!?

Me: Uhhhhh...

Coop: What is 1000 plus 1?

Me: 1001 (Phew! I got one right.)


grandma GiGI said...

Well, your kids are beautiful so you must be wonderful gardners!

Katlyn said...

ROFL - I'm sure that will be me soon...

laurel said...

Good answer, just wait until the are ready for more,

jessieg said...

Hehe. You should have told them the truth. I doubt they'd believe it anyhow. Haha. Laughing too hard.

Claudia said...

What was it that you told Coop last summer in IF when he asked how I got the baby in my tummy? Didn't you say that I swallowed it? Didn't care to use that one again?