Saturday, May 2, 2009

Get Your Golf On

When Steve woke up with pink eye -- yes, just about everyone in the family has had it at this point -- I decided we would quarantine him by leaving the house. First there was soccer, followed by some grocery shopping (Frank the tank would be proud). Then the real fun began. I asked the kids to go with me to the driving range.

Woot woot, people.

I'm just saying, it is a scream watching two little kids march into the clubhouse and ask for a bucket of balls. They get lots of attention and, "Oh how cute." comments. Won.der.ful.

Needless to say, I was terrified. Hand a toddler a weapon -- club -- and I get a little jumpy. But they were both avidly attentive and remarkable sweet. I even got to hit a few. For at least an hour they were the only ones on the deck and they had a great time trying to hit the ball-picker-upper.

I nearly cried when after I would hit Mason would say, "So cool, Mom!" Also wanted to cry when I whiffed it (you try hitting the ball without hitting your kids) and Mason consolingly said, "Almost."

As the afternoon progressed it started raining on them. But they were not deterred. It took me bribing them with hot cocoa and chips in the clubhouse for them to stop. Also, imagine the disappointment when they found out what a clubhouse really is. Pretty sure they were expecting to see Mickey Mouse or at the very least a crazy roller-coaster slide.

During snack I asked Cooper what his favorite part of the day had been (mind you he had also played soccer) and he said, "Chipping." They are already begging to go back. After a full day of quarantine, Cooper came home and promptly sacked out on the floor.

PS -- They LOVED the ladies' locker room.

PSS -- Video on facebook... if you're interested.


Claudia said...

Well that's just cute. And the women's locker room? Can we expect another post to explain that?

laurel said...

I hate pink eye. Best wishes to Steve. Loved the day. I too have taken the kids to the range. Golf clubs and kids are a bit scary. I have had one kid hit another betwen the eyes with a club. We had 8 stitches.

Glenda said...

Isn't it great when moms can do things that impress their children, especially their boy children. Keep it up Hooli.

Adamo said...

Prediction. Your kids will have a golf handicap before the age of 12.