Saturday, May 9, 2009

Miluju Fotbal (I Love Soccer)

We played today (these pictures are not from today). We're going to play tomorrow. I think we'll play this fall.

Cooper in the "sub" seat.

Cooper gets to kick off (is that what it's called in soccer?).

Great shot of The Twins trying to kick the ball in two different directions.

My no. 1 spectator.

Cooper's sole goal (notice it is during warm up).


Glenda said...

Just a soccer memory....When Andrew was playing soccer (but he was much older, probably 6-7) I offered him an "out to lunch at a Chinese Restaurant with MOM" if he scored 18 goals during the season...He scored 19 half way through and he cashed in on his lunch! In those days it didn't take much.
My guess is that Mason is going to be a killa soccer player!

laurel said...

He is so cute!

Angenette said...

Yeay, soccer!