Sunday, May 31, 2009

Por Que?

I have a few brothers. In fact, more than most. But my point is a couple of them speak Spanish. The youngest of these has grown a sudden interest in teaching my children Spanish. Now let me qualify this statement. He's not actually speaking to them in Spanish. He is sending them a few Spanish flash cards in the mail every few days or so.

My boys think this is cool. But when the first package arrived Cooper simply said, "Why?"

Each stack of cards has been met with varying responses. Once they got over their bewilderment, the first stack was taken to a playdate and promptly forgotten about, and consequently left at said playdate.

The second stack got colored on.

The third stack has been organized, and organized, and organized. Here is another statement I have to qualify. My children like to tell me they are organizing. Seriously. I think they use it as an excuse to not clean. "Mom, I can't pick up my LEGOs, I'm organizing them." Big nightmare if you ask me.

But in the case of the cards, the most recent stack of them anyway, Mason has been organizing them -- which is to say lining them up -- around him.

The big question is, are they getting it? No. Could be because my Spanish is limited to one phrase that my dear friend Angenette (Netti) once told me, "No me moleste! Estoy Ocupada." I'm not really sure I'm spelling that right. And I'm also not sure I remember what it means. Something about don't bother me, I'm busy. The other big question, do they like the cards? Yes.

Except for the one for bebe. Someone really should have told Conan O'Brien it was a bad idea to pose for Spanish flash cards. It's downright creepy.


laurel said...

Julia that is so funny and it is creepy it does look li9ke Conan.. And WHAT an amazing chicken coop.

Angenette said...

I'd like to know about the pile-o-feces your kid is playing with next to the flash cards.
Oh, and yeah, you got the meaning and spelling right. I just don't remember teaching you that.

Katlyn said...

That is a creepy baby if I have ever seen one! BTW I hope you aren't ever going to break up with me!!! That would be sad!