Friday, May 1, 2009

6 Minutes and Counting

I heart the Timex Ironman watch for ladies. I donned my first Ironman in February of '04. Against my better judgement I took a hiatus from them in '08 and now I'm wearing Ironman, again. The best features of this watch don't help me train for marathons or triathlons, or even track practice. I use them exclusively to discipline my children.

It all started with nursing. Not a discipline, per se, but one with confusing intervals and schedules that my little head couldn't keep track of without a little help, and a beep from the watch. Then there was potty training. I set the watch to alarm me ever 20 minutes. Then I would put my kid on the pot. Simple.

Now we're in the height of time out. I have two timers on it (the watch). One for Mason (preset for 2 minutes) and one for Cooper (set for 4). But this morning, a fairly tearful morning, I realized I could keep a cumulative history of the minutes the two children were spending in time out for the day. Scary thought.

We're at 6 minutes and counting -- which is already like 1.2 % of of their waking day.

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