Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Backyard Battles

The battle of wits has begun. And while I have been known to say absurdities like, "There is nothing you can tell me I do not already know." I clearly do not know the first thing about planting trees. Which my wise little sons took pleasure in pointing out to me today. I was digging and digging and digging with the peanut gallery heckling me and telling me I don't dig as well as daddy. Mind you, I don't think my children have ever seen their father dig a hole (except the kind that don't require shovels).

When the peanut gallery became quite bored of watching me sweat over the hole in the backyard they decided to help. Their help meant spraying red breeze granite from our walkway all over the house with the hose. Happy times, which I will fondly remember as I pick big, juicy peaches off my Elberta Peach tree in years to come.

Following the peach tree planting session the boys and I built a few small things out of their millions of LEGOs. They were very proud (of my engineering). See, I'm telling you, there are no words to contain all my wisdom.

PS -- It does look like a sad little tree, doesn't it?


bryant said...

it looks like a wonderful little tree...and i will expect some peach preserves in time, or maybe even a fresh peach pie!
Hey, you are a good lego maker!
What heaven grandma has been in seeing all 5 of her grandchildren in the last 2 weeks. Exhuasted, but in heaven.

Claudia said...

You're a master Lego engineer, too? Adam built a moving clock whilst visiting in IF that we were all very proud of. You two should trade notes. The tree looks great!

laurel said...

Good job Farmer Brown! And the Legos are good too.

grandma GiGI said...

It's a beautiful little tree, and just think of what it will become. You'll be so proud of it. What is it that is said? "Out of small things, great things become"... (or something)