Sunday, April 5, 2009

We Know Our Parties

The reigning princesses of my children's hearts had a birthday. While I was having a fine time ignoring most of the play of the kids, I did notice Cooper holding hands with a girl! An older girl. Please tell me, what's next? At one point, I crawled under the buffet table to find Mason pigging out and Cooper surrounded by tittering girls. Girls!
It seems my boys have their priorities. Not the same priorities. But priorities nonetheless.


miniaturequilter said...

well, if things progress normally, Mason will eventually think all girls have cooties and stay away from them for awhile, and Cooper will just keep loving food till he hits the teen years and watch out, may as well just sign your paychecks over to Walmart!:-)))

Glenda said...

They look so handsome...dressed to impress!

laurel said...