Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Little of This, and a Little of That

My parents came to see me this past weekend. All I can say is they got to see two extremes of our Spring weather. First there was a little of this -- actually a lot.

Then there was a little of this.

PS -- That was the first and last snowman my kids built this season.


laurel said...

Denver and SLC weather are so alike...unpredictable. I couldn't believe the snow. Last week we had 4 inches, but my kids school had 13. Now it is 74 degrees. I am glad you parents got to come for your b-day! Looks like everyone had a fun time. Like the square snowman.

Claudia said...

Yowsers! We had 80 degrees yesterday...I can't even fathom snow at this point! Were the zoo pictures from before or after the snow?

Good to say to you this morning!!

Anita said...

Isn't your dad the one who likes the snow? He came at the perfect time. Looks like fun was had with both extremes.

The Martell Family said...

As hard as this is to believe, we actually miss snow! Having lived since October in the desert, we miss the snow but not the cold. Now it is high 90s here in Dubai in April, and it is sunny every day. While that is nice, we do miss the change of seasons! By the time we depart here in June, it can get as high as 120 to 125 degrees - yikes!