Friday, April 3, 2009

Little Fingers

It should come as no surprise to me -- a person who cannot sit still in even the most dire of circumstances -- that my children love games and toys that keep their fingers busy. The especially delightful part of LEGO play is watching their little lips fly as quickly as their little fingers. As the hands construct, the wheels in the brain are brewing up scenarios, and the lips are whispering the instructions under breath. It's a fascinating process to observe.


Claudia said...

I took Claire on a walk today on a wooded boardwalk path not far from our apt., and I had to sit for a minute and just listen to the multitude of birds singing. Claire was sleeping, but I sat there watching her, listening to all those birds, and looked forward in anticipation to the time when she starts to experience and recognize new things for the first time like you talk about with your boys. I hope she looks at the world in amazement and wonder like they do.

laurel said...

I love how much they like legos. We are a lego family too, as you well know. They rock!!