Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Mason slipped four popcorn kernels up his nose on Sunday night. Yes, that's a nice place to begin. Four. Two in each nostril. They popped out pretty easily and I suspect I wouldn't have been in such a panic if he would have just held still long enough to see up his nose.

And that is where I hoped this story would end. This morning he woke up but couldn't open his eyes. His long lashes were shellacked in green goo. And so, I returned to the doctor. (Seriously, 1 month. I just want to make it 1 month with out going to the doctor.)

Turns out that while we were able to get all the kernels out, the oils, salt, and what-have-you that makes microwave popcorn taste so wonderful is a bit of an irritant. His little tear ducts became little pressure valves of scum. Not a biggie, not contagious conjunctivitis or anything like that, but pretty hideous.

When I took him to the park today I literally noticed mothers steering their kids away from him. So, we took flight and walked down by the pond and fed the geese our left-over snacks. In case you're wondering, Canadian Geese really like Scottish Shortbread.

PS -- In other funny kid-isms. I visited with a client today who has asked me to sew some draperies for the room where her parrots live. She also has an Indiana Jones pinball machine and she let the boys play it while we were measuring her windows. When we left, Mason waved to her and said, "Thanks me playing Indiana Jones buttons."


laurel said...

Kenzie stuck popcorn kernals up her nose too. I couldn't get them out, so the doctor had too. He flushed her nose out with something to clean it.I never knew the reason. After looking at Mason's eyes I am so glad he did that! Oh how awful. He looks miserable, but yet a good reminder to all. Don't put popcorm kernals up your nose! Please give him a big kiss.

Glenda said...

Hey, what is it with swollen eyes at your house! Today, I am finally looking halfway normal, however, there is still some puffyness in my cheeks (gravity took over as it always does and drew the fluid down.) Crazy!

Rachel said...

I always leave Crew unattended while he eats popcorn. Not anymore! Hope he's feeling better.

grandma GiGI said...

These two boys of yours have the most beautiful eyes ever! Sad to see them swell up...every child seems NOT to do that trick after they've done it once. I hope!