Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Another Word for Nutcracker

You know that fabled legend claiming a nutcracker shows power and strength and can guard your family from evil spirits and danger? Yeah, my kids don't buy it either. But they sure like staring at 'em.

Only problem is, they can't ever remember what they are called.

That duy with the treepy teef. (Mason)

You know, that toy with the handle cruncher? (Cooper)

Graham cracker (Cooper)

Nut-tracker (Mason)

Anyway, hope you can keep track of your nuts this holiday season. If not, well, you better call in the aforementioned guard.


Glenda said...

Cute...Cute...weird little tradition isn't it. Anyway, with Adam and Claudia we went to a Santa/nativity/nutcracker display at the museum. Cool. They had so many of those very expensive german carved nutcrackers.

Angenette said...

Maybe I'll buy one for my little bro.

Claudia said...

I have loved these last few posts. So funny. Wish you were here!