Monday, December 21, 2009

A List

At this time of year, I suspect you are making lists. What food to buy. What food to cook. What food to give away. It's a very simple season, really.

Anyway we have our lists, too. At bedtime, Mason became quite focused in reciting a list of his own.

"I don't like salad...."

"orrrrrrrr totatoes...."

"or cheese that is old."

Try as I might, I've been trying to make sense of this list. Salad? No surprises. And totatoes? Well, that could be either tomatoes or potatoes. I haven't seen him consume a large portion of either, unless it has been in the form of salsa and french fries, respectively. But old cheese!?!?!? Who doesn't like old cheese.

I hope you can make sense of your lists this time of year. Please, please, please remember to make a list that is meaningful, reasonable, and full of service. You'll be better for it. Now, let's see... what did I do with that list I made this morning?
PHOTO NOTE: Mason swimming in "cheese".


Glenda said...

My list....that my grandchildren are healthy and happy....wish I just had a coupon for it!

African Kelli said...

my list goes a bit something like this:
1. More time in Colorado next year
2. A puppy
3. Whirled peas
4. A lot of good cheese

Tell Mason he is adorable!

Angenette said...

I just bought Dan a bunch of stinky cheese to stuff in his stocking on Christmas morn.
The rest is of little consequence.