Wednesday, December 2, 2009

How Do You Feel Today?

Nothing good follows a teacher who pulls you aside and proceeds in hushed tones to tell you what your child has said during class. Especially when those words are your own.

In a proper discussion of feelings and emotions, Cooper's teachers posed a question to the class. "Who knows another word for angry?"

Cooper -- my brilliant boy -- politely raised his hand and waited to be called on. Then said, "Pissed off."

Oh, I'm so proud.


Plumptom said...


Plumptom said...

Once again, this is your Aunt Laurel. Dang those kids who get on my computer. That pisses me off. hee hee hee

Glenda said...


And your teachers wanted to know why your father never came to parent teacher conferences.


Adamo said...

That's pretty much awesome.

Chance said...

Wow! That is funny. I think I would have lost it in a fit of laughter if I was his teacher.

Rachel said...

Ha, ha! That is classic.