Wednesday, October 27, 2010

All the Credit

I have four brothers. It's an interesting task teaching your own children about your own brothers. Particularly if they live in other states and see your children about as often as they would have liked to see you back in the day. This is why I found it so interesting when Cooper offered up that Uncle Andrew was his favorite.

There isn't any reason that Andrew would not be his favorite, except for the part that Cooper met Andrew briefly as an infant and then didn't see him again until he was 3 years old. And has seen him only about once a year since then... so, you know, twice in the past two years.

So I pushed him and queried, "Why is Uncle Andrew your favorite?" And he replied with great swiftness, "Because he did that gigantic puzzle with me."

Oh friends, this is where I break the news to you. Mistaken identity. Uncle Trent did the puzzle. Further, you might argue that Cooper should have a grand affinity toward Uncle Devin who essentially introduced him to THE OCEAN. And let's not forget Uncle Adam, who I practically feel is my son's actual twin. They are so alike in so many ways that I feel I should write an instruction manual for Adam's wife, "How to raise a child who is exactly like your husband."

But whatever. My point is this, my brothers are amazing uncles. Every one of them. Despite where credit is placed. (Half of them are extraordinary fathers, too.)


Claudia said...

You make me laugh, as do your children.

Glenda said...

This post makes my heart glad!
And...if all goes well...these boys of yours will grow up and be as great as their uncles.

Andrew said...

well im not so sure about that part mom, if all goes well, they will grow up and be exactly whoever they want to be...which im sure will be quite different than any of their uncles haha.

Rachel said...

Where were you? That place looks fun.