Friday, October 29, 2010

May You Grow Old Together

Hey Boys!
Today, basking in the shining surprise of sunshine in October, I caught a glimpse of something I hope you will share 40 years from now. Whether or not I'm alive to see it, I hope you remain friends forever, and ever.

Seated in comfy chairs, staring at shapes in the clouds you enjoyed the comfort of peaceful friendship. Not once, but twice passersby asked me if the two of you are twins. I proudly replied, "Nope, but they are very close."

Truly, there is no one we can invite over to play who plays as nicely with you as when you play together. And I've also found you've naturally weeded out the playmates that don't accept you as a pair.

Because a lot can change through the years, promise me you will grow old together, turn to each other for help, and never forget the times you've had as brothers. And I promise to provide the chairs.

Your Mamma


Glenda said...

Made me cry....truly, the wish of a mother's heart.

grandma GiGI said...

There is nothing more wonderful when siblings truely love one another...
Hope it lasts forever.