Sunday, October 3, 2010

But What About Prom

There is a young boy who lives at my house who is highly motivated by reward. So much so, that I have changed my thinking about his future prospects. In a recent fundraising opportunity at his school (why children have to sell cookies to afford education in this country is beyond me, but that is another post) he was a true driver. And so it is with amazement that I say that for all intents and purposes, Coop made his number and the SPIFF was a limo ride to lunch.

As you can imagine, excitement. Little boys pirouetting in the parking lot. Little girls getting the little boys to do a cheer -- Yay Limbo! (None of them knew that the word was limo, not limbo.) Parents scurrying to get the perfect photo. But it left me wondering, what are we going to do for prom?

PS -- If you're a local and so inclined, you can support this cause by supporting the local restaurant that fed the kids: Anthony's. Cooper said it was good and he, "Could have even taken some home in a box." Now that is an endorsement.


Glenda said...

Wow, Coop, Good Job! Hope you had fun. I have never ridden in a limo before.

Angenette said...

We just had our school fundraiser. I don't really need a sheet of wrapping paper that costs $10, but we ended up buying 4 because Elena needed her snowman puzzle.
I'm glad there was no Limbo involved here. It would have put us in the poor house.

laurel said...

That is awesome!!!