Saturday, February 6, 2010

Career Choices

It's not everyday that you get a glimpse into the future of your 5-year-old's career choices. I am fairly certain, however, that today will go down in history as the first time Coop scratched upon the surface of what may become his gainful employment.

Mid-way through the morning I got a random voice mail message on MY cell phone. It was a bit incomprehensible but was a jumble of panicked, excited words that amounted to:

"Cooper, I need you. I can't defeat this level on the Ben 10 game and I need your help because you can defeat it. Call me. Oh yeah, this is Ethan Johnson.*

After laughing hysterically I handed the phone to Coop and explained he had a phone call. With a shrug of the shoulders he proceeded to carry on a 10-minute tutorial -- in. great. detail. He actually ended the call with a promise to "come right over and help".

To recap. He successfully carried out a Help Desk Tech Support Call and made an appointment for a Tech House Call. Help me.

*Obviously the names have been changed to protect the innocent.


laurel said...

That is so funny!!!!

chris w said...

Thus begins his disdain for the rest of the human race that can't figure out that the output cord was just unplugged.

Glenda said...

Uncle Jay better start setting up an internship assignment for Cooper really soon.

Claudia said...

I guess all that practice with the Gameboy and Uncle Adam and Uncle Trent a few summers ago has really paid off...