Friday, February 26, 2010

A Little Help

Following my fantastic girls' weekend in the mountains Karma saw fit to strike my family with sickness. Namely poor little Mason was saddled with another ear infection and stayed up all night screaming and crying for help. He wasn't able to fall asleep until 8 a.m. when my husband figured out how to hold him just upright enough that he could sleep without pain. Then on the heels of no sleep for anyone in the family, except Coop, I came down with some kind of feverish stomach ailment. Awful. I couldn't walk without extreme dizziness and basically huddled in bed shivering while my face burned off. So strange.

During this time, my Cooper saved us all. He played with Mason and got him snacks. He would quietly tip toe into my room to give me an update from time to time. But mostly helped everyone recover. So in the entire cycle of cause and effect I'm pretty sure that he will be blessed in future experiences.

I should also mention that against all natural laws I received a letter in the mail during this time from a new but soulful, far-away friend. It was sent solely to lift my spirits. Thanks Donk, God is very fair and I am certain will give you exactly what you deserve. And with that, my friends, I am off to sow goodness, because I need to reap a little goodness.


Rachel said...

It makes me so sad about Mason. We've all been super sick as well. Coop's so grown up I can hardly believe it.

laurel said...

Oh poor baby! Sending hugs and kisses to my little super hero.

And seriously? I won?? That has never happened in my life. And winning your stuff, is like the GRAND prize!!!

Angenette said...

That's great that Cooper helped so much! I was jsut thinking how unfair it is that Elena is just getting to the helpful age when she's just so fun to be with and now I have to send her to kindergarten. Can't I send Leah instead?

Rachel said...

Okay, that video was really funny and kinda creepy at the same time. How did you find that?