Thursday, February 11, 2010


In this quarter we have planned a few -- maybe too many -- activities for our kids. Everything from Swimming Lessons to an afternoon with 5 professional musicians. Because we run from lesson to lesson, I've had to come up with creative ways to help them get their homework done. I'm not the first mom to do this. In fact I observed mother after mother reviewing homework in the lobby of the recreation center and knew we needed a similar solution.

One of the lessons that gets the least attention is Spanish lessons. Until I remembered I had a stockpile of flashcards. I also made some additional ones on Study Buddies (which are my absolute favorite studying tool) and tucked the whole lot in a tote bag with their pencils and workbooks from school. When we're on the road driving somewhere I can shout to the backseat English words and quiz them on the Spanish equivalent.

They are giving it a college try...

Julia: Flower! Who knows the Spanish word for flower?

Mason: Ground!

Julia: No.... close.

Cooper: Rug!

Julia: Come on guys... it sounds like flower, too.

Both: Flor! (Sounds like Floor.)

We're still working on Spanish. Good thing next month is tennis and the Mother/Son Pirate Quest.

PHOTO NOTE: Pictures from swimming lessons -- which have been going a lot better since we discovered (and treated) Mason had an ear infection and Cooper had a sinus infection.


JanuskieZ said...

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Glenda said...

Cutest tadpoles in the pond.

laurel said...

They are so cute....and please Spanish. Sheesh. By there age I was just trying to get them to quit saying Butt let alone worry about teaching them Spanish.

You are amazing!

laurel said...

That would be "their" age. See, I am still trying to get myself to spell correctly.

African Kelli said...

Ah ha! That makes sense about the ear infection. And you are a rock star mama.