Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Looking for a Thank You Gift

I am in search of my new signature gift. You know, the one you bring for a hostess gift, a neighbor get-well gift, an adult birthday party gift, you're an excellent postal carrier gift.

I've fallen into a rut. It snuck up on me, and now I'm having a hard time crawling out. But when during a brainstorming session concerning what to give the 14-year-old babysitter for her efforts Mason enthusiastically answered, "We could give her wine." I knew it was time for a change.


Now I don't want a lot of comments suggesting I rely on genuine feeling, and get or make things that i know are personal. Frankly, I know that's the best way to give a gift. But I don't have time to do it the best way. I barely have time to do it at all. So, please, reasonable suggestions that can work for all ages, genders, occasions. Also, prefer something I can buy in bulk and store in a closet for just these occasions that often sneak up on me as quickly as everything else.


Angenette said...

How about notebooks? The kind you can use as a journal or throw in your purse with the grocery list in it?

Glenda said...

How about cans of hot chocolate...add holiday mugs if you really "appreciate" their efforts!

coco_angel said...

Movie tickets? Like those discounted ones you can buy in bulk from Regal?