Sunday, November 7, 2010

Surely There IS Something Else

I had the recent delight of attending the first parent-teacher conference of the year. All in all the teacher is pleased with Coop's progress but at one point she made a comment I found amusing. In her sweet -- almost sounds like a song in springtime -- voice she said, "Every time I ask Cooper to write about something he writes about LEGOland. Can you encourage him to come up with some other ideas?"

Writers' Block. He has writers' block. Well, me too. Surely there IS something else to write about, right? It's not just the milestones, big trips, and hysterical turns of phrase that come from the mouths of babes... life is more. Isn't it?

Well, I just don't know. Perhaps I'm a one-note wonder. Nothing to see here but kids and the funny things THEY say. And has really very little to do with what I think. Harumpf! And so I leave you with something funny from our summer vacation -- because I too write about little else than California.

Mason brought us this shell and asked, "Is this a fingernail?"


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Glenda said...

But the look on his face....I am surprized he didn't ask if it was a toenail!