Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Boys, Boys, Boys...

Dear C and M,
I was so concerned when Elf didn’t make it back to headquarters here in the North Pole tonight. At first I thought he had gotten lost or tired. But then I really started to worry about him because he promised me he was going to deliver a report to me tonight -- I was dying to hear how your had performed in your last day of school activities. I had to send a search party to find him. When he was spotted under your Christmas tree I was very worried and I almost cried. He is very sick and it was hard on him to take such a long fall.
Thank you for taking care of him and sharing your duck-duck blanket with him. He has just a little magic left. My helpers and I quickly scooped him up and delivered him straight to the infirmary here at the North Pole. I’ve been told he will recover, but he is in the Elf Intensive Care Unit. He is on a constant intravenous drip of sugar plum juice and sparkles.
Please think good thoughts for him, it will help him heal that much faster. Also, please be sure to be extra good while he is gone so that Elf and I can warm our hearts with your goodness all the way up here at the North Pole – it is very cold here, you know. Look for opportunities to serve your mother, your father, and the people in your community.
I hope I can send Elf back to your house before Christmas. But he first needs time to get better. Watch for him every day. Maybe the strength of your good deeds will help his magic return that much faster.

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Glenda said...

I am wishing for Elf the 4 food groups, candy, candy canes, candy corn and....syrup.