Tuesday, December 7, 2010

For the Love of the Food

A few reflections on New York City...I liked the cake. I ate cake, or a cupcake, every day. Every. Day. On this particular day, for breakfast. But the following day I had a cupcake at about midnight. To be in NYC is to have access to cake all day, every day, at a moment's notice.

My breath was questionable. Had something to do with all the garlic.

When I needed a break from cake, there was always an option.

Oh that's right, a few more cupcakes.

This stuff smelled bad. But originates from the same neighborhood as Joe's Shanghai -- the very best soup dumplings ever -- so who am I to judge?!?!?

Street vendor... beats hot dogs, don't you think?

Famous soup dumplings. Really, ate these twice. Yummy. Does anyone know how to make these?


Claudia said...

I sure hope we get to see more from the trip! But honestly, the food looked scrumptious.

Glenda said...

How fun....I could live on cake, too. Me and the ELF.

laurel said...

How fun! I love cake. One of my favs.

Rachel said...

Yummy! Did you bring some back to share :)
Can't wait to see more.