Tuesday, July 19, 2011

It's Nothing, Really

This morning, on the heels of an extraordinary night, Cooper woke up late and delighted in doing something of no importance – he watched cartoons. He even clapped his hands in a small applause meant only for himself and excitedly breathed the words, “I have nothing today.”

The enthusiasm has waned; the season is over, every body out of the pool.

I still maintain that the high of the season was found in knowing he was dedicated. But just to show me up, the coaches saw fit to select him as their choice for a special trophy. In each age group they singled out one boy and one girl who had demonstrated Determination, Desire, and Drive.

So, that’s it… enough gushing.


Glenda said...

So, how is it that he always manages to get his picture taken with a trophy and pretty girls?

ejnelson said...

He is really a STAR..I mean the boy. Excitement on his face is wonderful!

laurel said...