Sunday, July 10, 2011

Lesson Learned

There are two truths in photography that I have become aware of in the past year.

1. Never let anyone take a picture of you jumping on a trampoline. (Believe me, even children look old whilst jumping on a tramp.)

2. Never, and I do mean never let anyone who is holding a camera talk you into sitting on a swing. They will take your picture, and that is a big FAT no-no.

Seriously people, seeing your butt in a swing is a little like seeing your butt in a backless bar stool. Do yourself a favor, sit at a table in a bar and look at everyone else's butts at the bar. You will NEVER sit at the bar again. I'm just saying.
Strategically cropped, and still woefully unflattering.


laurel said...

We loved the swingset! It was awesome. I don't think your butt could ever look fat, but I know how you feel about it. I don't let my picture be taken on/or around about anything.

ejnelson said...

Well! at least you don't have to complain about your beautiful smile! Be thankful!

Connie said...

Your post most always make me laugh! You will never have to worry about a fat butt!! You are too cute!