Saturday, July 16, 2011

Swim Team Photo Montage

Waiting for relay. (After this race started and seconds before this picture was taken the coach actually picked him up and ran with him -- potato sack style -- to the other end of the pool because they decided to have him swim a different leg at the last minute.)

Swimmers take your mark.

Crazy tent city.

Necessary skill of eating sugar tube in .43 seconds.

Oh the pressure!
Actually, I think he was thinking something like,
"Wow, there's a lot of fog in my goggles."

Very little fat on those bones!

Towel pants, a must for every swimmer.

Looks like a champ.

Pre-race meditation.
This was actually a pre-race meditation.
I thought it was very adroit of him and did not ask questions.


Claudia said...

Those towel pants are excellent. I wish we could come cheer him on! I love watching competitive swimming!

Glenda said...

Cool pants...looks like such a fun time.