Monday, July 11, 2011

Carried Away

Not far from the shores of the North Fork of the Snake River my grandparents have a small, rustic (emphasis on rustic) cabin. This is a "family" cabin and as I've grown up I've been permitted to visit there from time to time and enjoy the beauty of the mountains, the smell of pine trees, and an awful lot of mosquitos.
We've taken our own children to this retreat before. Frankly, they didn't grow an instant love for the little cottage in the trees. But they are a generation raised on spacious bathrooms, microwave dinners, and Wii playsystems. The idle pastimes available at Mack's Inn in the early nineteen hundreds -- and still the main attractions -- have a hard time getting their attention. This is why it is an ideal spot for family outings and family reunions. There is really nothing better to do than turning off your smart phone, staring at your family, and saying, "Now what?"

Don't get me wrong, this Nature-land is about 20 minutes south of West Yellowstone and the west entrance to Yellowstone National Park. Gorgeous. You should go. And if you want to rent a teeny, tiny crash pad, and you are neurotically clean, my family might offer you a great rate. (But don't hold your breath.) And if you get all excited and decide to visit, remember your mosquito repellent, citronella candles, and long pants or you might just get carried away.

PS -- There's a remarkably sturdy swing set. Built because you can't tell grandkids you are going to Island Park and then not have swings.

PHOTO NOTE: These pictures are a mix of my kids, my husband, one of my brothers, and his wife and daughter.


Connie said...

I love that little cottage tucked away in the pine trees. Wade & I have stayed there a couple of times. Thanks to Emma and Glen!!

Adamo said...

Shag carpet, wood paneling, and water that tastes like run-off from mount Olympus. A few mosquitoes that leave you alone if you put on some stuff is a small price to pay for that. Some of the best memories of my childhood happened in Island Park. I wish I lived closer just to be able to go more.

ejnelson said...

Yeah! we loved it too..part of 62 years worth of wonderful memories.

laurel said...

I love the cabin. I am glad you got to go. If you think it is rustic, then I need to take you to my in-laws cabin. Now that is rustic!

They don't have running water, no bathrooms, the floors are wood and not the kind of wood we pay for, but the kind you get slivers from. The ceiling is saggy and brown from all the leaky rain. There is no heat. There are animals living in the cabin....and not like the squirrels we had in the walls. But animals that are actually walking around where you are and they leave poop on the beds, the floors and the counters. I know there is one lightbulb dangeling from the ceiling by an exposed electircal cord. There are no private rooms. It is just one big room divided by a partition. They actually rent the place out to hunters! I can't believe it!

I don't do rustic. I have only been there once. Stayed just for a bit. Like an hour. I don't like to be with out a bathroom. I don't believe in staying where there is no refrigeration or stove. Okay so the piles of poop on the floor is what pushed me over the edge. Jay said it was raccoon poop. I can't believe my hubby's family love it, but they do.

I am not a camper, but love the outdoors. To me the cabin with 2 baths, private bedrooms, carpet, heat, full kitchen is perfect! Yeah, the green carpet is from the 70's but I couldn't imagine the cabin without it. Its fun to try to find what you accidently drop in it. :) As you know, you usually don't find it. Maybe that is where all my missing socks have gone!