Saturday, December 31, 2011

Toodle-oo 2011

2011 has been an awards-winning adventure. Today, on its last day, we could take 1st place in a race of laziness. Fifty-percent of us are still wearing our pajamas and it's after 1 p.m. The other half are wearing something that could pass for pajamas. In our slow movements of the day we are showing our exhaustion from the fun of the past 365 days. But I assure you we will all wake tomorrow to a bright future of energy and excitement for what is to come. And now, a look back...

National Western Stock Show

Valentine's Day

The year of brotherly love.

Worms, worms, worms, and roley poleys.

LEGO creations imitating current events.

Good 'ol fashioned bird pestering.

Vacationing in Idaho.


Gutting the ugly.

Favorite spot: daddy's arms.

It's not official until you blow out candles on the cake.

Two wheels rule!

A good run.


and a few more costumes.

Cooper, the Ant Narrator in Goin' Buggy, a Musical.

7 Rocks!

See you next year!


Glenda said...

What a wonderful way to chronicle a wonderful year....I love those boys!

Kari said...

Happy New Year to you and your family! Thank you for sharing...I might steal your idea! :)

Ryan and Andrea said...

What a cute idea to re-cap the whole year!

If it makes you feel better, everyone but Ryan slept until 9:30 AM this week & only 1 or 2 of us got out of our PJ's each day!! I LOVE Winter Break!!

Claudia said...

Love, love, love the photo recap! You guys are such a cute family. Miss you.

Connie said...

Love your idea in chronicling the last year . . . Your boys are so cute! And staying in pjs all day sounds divine!!!!