Friday, December 16, 2011

A Little Help

We write on our Christmas cards. I'm not saying people should. But for me and my house we can't stand to waste a stamp without a little correspondence thrown in. Besides, I really like the people I send cards to and I can't help saying hello. This year, the boys declared they were old enough to help. Also, it was penance for opening all the advent doors in one night.

So if you receive a card and the return address is a little askew, or the message on the back of the card looks something like this: HAP HALIDAS, know it is sent with extra love and phonetic concentration. The 7 yol and 5yol variety, which is the very best, I say. And if you don't get a card, it's because I'm not organized enough to keep track of the addressees of all my friends and family. Hell, I even had to call my brother before shipping his gifts because I wasn't a hundred precent sure of where he lived. My brother, people.

Also, let me just say it here. I believe I adamantly professed that this year I was going to send Thanksgiving cards, not Christmas cards. What is my problem?!!?! Can't meet a deadline to save my life.


Connie said...

Wish I was getting one of those cute cards . . . Creativity is what it is all about!! Merry Christmas to you and your family!!

Ryan and Andrea said...

I LOVED your card & feel awful special that I got one!