Thursday, January 21, 2010

I Know What You're Thinking

It's January. Actually, it's almost February. And you're thinking, where is my Christmas card? In fact, you may also be thinking, where is my thank you card. If you haven't gotten it by now, just don't hold your breath.

We had a system this year. But I'm hearing there might have been a few faults with the procedures. First, I mailed the Christmas cards in shifts. Mainly because I write letters on every single one. I mean really, why send something if you're not going to say Hello. That takes a while.

Then there was the whole addresses issue. My husband and I do this back-and-forth thing for about two weeks trying to e-mail each other the most up-to-date addresses of all of our friends. I even resorted to Google satellite in one instance. Creepy, folks. Downright creepy.

And last, but certainly the most heroic. We had Cooper walk most of those little cards down to the mailbox. All. By. Himself. He
s big on that right now. Gotta have some independence. In fact, he typifies the close mailbox as "level 3", the far one a "level 5". Our little gamer quantifies all distances and roads crossed into measurable levels that he can defeat. True story.

So, if your mailbox still hasn't been kissed by our festive and grateful thoughts... don't take it to heart. It simply means we put a little too much heart into it. Ooooops.

PS -- If you're also thinking that either a) my children wear the same thing every day or b) I take all my pictures on the same day, you are wrong. These pictures were taken almost 10 days apart. But, they way things rotate through it just happened that it was the same sweatshirt and pants. Oh, and they do kinda wear their monkey sweatshirts when it's coldish. And it's been coldish a lot lately. So, maybe the former is a bit true.


laurel said...

He is so cute!

chris w said...

I love it!

"I'm going to level 5 today mom."

I can totally picture it. So cute!