Wednesday, January 20, 2010

There's Still a Thrill

Some things you never grow out of. For instance, I'm pretty sure that my brother Devin and I have a mild case of roller-coasters-freak-me-out. Naturally as young adults we decided we had grown out of this ailment and bravely boarded that non-sense known as family entertainment in Las Vegas (my parents looked on in gentle amusement). As the thing -- that I will hence refer to as the devil -- inched its way to perilous heights we simultaneously looked at each other. I know he was thinking, "I might very well wet my shorts." Because I just had. Then we both gripped that damned lap bar and started screaming.

Remember what it used to feel like when your dad pushed you on the swings a little too high? It was fun, and frightening. And nothing equals it. You trust your dad. But, then again, you've seen him do some stuff that even your little brain might question. So you squeal hoping against hope that it's OK when the swing is parallel with the ground. That, unfortunately, you grow out of. But for now, Coop's still got it. The thrill, the tingle, the squeal.

That boy loves the swings.

PS -- Does anyone else think my son looks like my brother Andrew?


Glenda said...

Love Coop's hoodie.
And yes, because Andrew looks most like you, how could he not look like Coop or vice versa!

laurel said...

He definately looks like Andrew, because Andrew looks like you. At Christmas, I told Andrew how much he looked like you. He said he gets that a lot. I wish I looked like you.....I guess I can dream.

Claudia said...

I have always loved to swing. I am at the stage where I just like slow swinging to feel the breeze in my hair and on my face. So the question is, does one go from the parallell-to-the-ground phase directly to the wind-in-the-hair phase, or is there something in between? I don't remember. That's how old I am...