Friday, January 29, 2010

Simply Sweet

It’s the little things. Namely celebrating the simple joys of kindness with a lit candle and a cupcake full of confectioners’ sugar. When my boys discovered that one of my friends had selected some special desserts for them, they couldn’t wait for the moment when I would permit them to sink their little teeth into the rot inducing, pretty, delicious and very appetizing little cakes

The glittering candies and jimmies sprinkled on top were not enough for my boys. They wanted candles. And so, even though no one in our house is celebrating a birthday, we pulled out the candles, lit them, sang “Happy Birthday to You”, and even made a wish as we blew out the flames.

A cupcake is sweet, might be filled and layered, even piped and topped with the utmost in perfection. It may be given for birthdays or special celebrations. Might be from your humble kitchen or from the most esteemed shop in town. But truly – as we learned this morning – the most tempting cupcake of all is the one offered for absolutely no reason at all.

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Angenette said...

Love it!
We often make birthday cupcakes for Elena's various toys. It's amazing how much fun baking, decorating, and then licking off the frosting and throwing away a cupcake can be.