Monday, January 25, 2010

A Life in Balance

What is your job title? I've thought about this off and on for nearly six years. Primarily because over the past six years I've found myself doing jobs I really like. Raising my children. Creating just about anything I can get my hands on. Managing relationships. But now I know of a career to which I aspire.

Was watching one of my favorite shows on the T.V. -- Project Runway -- when I downright giggled at the introduction they gave Lauren Hutton. Illogically beautiful. Everyone knows she's an actor... model... entrepenuer... guest star judge. But they introduced her as an ADVENTURER.

Now that is a career choice I want to know more about. I think I can still swing the whole work/life balance thing as I pursue this endeavor. Don't you?


Katlyn said...

You my dear should become a writer. I am hooked on your blog - even B reads your blog and he isn't a blog reader!

Plumptom said...

I love their sweat shirts! I think that would be a great career for you. Also love your cardigans on your other blog! You are amazing.

Plumptom said...

That was me...plumptom. You would think I would notice when Austin is logged in for me.

Aunt Laurel

Sara said...

i like the way you think!
we should start a monkey club:)