Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I'll Miss Morning

Mornings hate me. I'm not kidding. And all you people who have good relationships with the Crack of Dawn are like alien creatures from another realm. I don't get you. And neither does Mason. Maybe that's why Mason and I love each other so much.

When we finally decide to face the sunshine, we do have a nice time scowling over our scrambled eggs. Occasionally he takes up conversation with me...

Mason: Mommy. Talk to me.

Julia: What do you want to talk about?

Mason: Did you know Spiderman has a web?

Julia: Where did he get it?

Mason: No places. But ... he has a Spiderman pack-pack.

And it occurs to me, that next year when he's at preschool, I'll miss our mornings.


Claudia said...

That is probably one of the cutest pictures of him yet. Not to mention the conversation...

laurel said...

I hate mornings too. Today I was up at 6:30. Got the kids off to school, then went back to bed at 7:30 with Maylin and we slept until 9:45!

Glenda said...

He is so sweet!