Sunday, December 4, 2011

I Think It's Time

Ahem, phase 1 of construction is complete. Do you want to see some pictures? I thought so. Let's take a few moments and first review the hideousness that was my Miami Vice bathroom. From the purple and blue brush stroke motif of the laminate countertops to the oatmeal carpet to the three shades of grout it was about as ugly as a bathroom can be. Poorly designed, tragically decorated, and excessively abused it was the primary scourge that almost convinced me to move out of my lovely little house on the corner.
OH oh oh, it had fake grass weave wallpaper in a soft but decidedly off blue. Brass and glass was the consistent theme replete with half globe brass light sconces above the garden tub. Have you ever seen a reflection of your naked self floating in a bathtub stretched across a half globe brass light fixture? It really is enough to cause permanent and ruinous behavioral issues. So we tore that shit out.
Then my husband and I spent a great deal of time and money deciphering the mysteries of our house's original design and working with our contractor to come up with a lovely, relaxing plan B. I believe we achieved as much as we could. But I can't gloss over the trial of that period of time. Sporadic stretches of no water, constant changes, surprises, extra money, extra time, unforeseen injuries, and typical woes of reno. But what no one tells you and I am about to so listen up is that your house becomes a gas station bathroom. I am not exaggerating when I say every sub-contractor and in fact our very own general contractor all used our other bathroom every day. I do mean to say they USED it. Before driving a nail, painting a stroke, sweeping up sawdust, wiring lights, or laying out tiles those guys first dropped off the kids at the pool. Gross, gross, and gross.
Please don't think I'm bragging about the bathroom. I just want to show you my newest baby. I worked really hard and I put up with a lot of crap -- literally. Our bathroom and new laundry room are not the finest rooms in the world. Not the biggest. Not the most luxuriant. But I think they are fine examples of what a little planning and forethought can do to a smallish space. We basically added a room to our house without pushing through any exterior walls. And the new bathroom feels bigger than the old bathroom. There is just as much storage. We enjoy just as many amenities. There is more natural light and more privacy. The bathroom and the laundry room do more!

Design, good design is important.

PS -- I'll take pictures of the new laundry room tomorrow.


Claudia said...

Wow, Julia. It is really, really beautiful. Glad you all survived!

Connie said...

Beautiful! Can I come and see it in person the next time I am in Denver????

Glenda said...

I love, love the tile work. Very, fabolous, light, open, wonderful. Was that window always there? Or did you have that put in....amazing.

emma nelson said...

Beautiful bathrooms are such fun.
Yours looks terrific! We wish we could see it in person.

laurel said...

Really nice!