Thursday, December 1, 2011

You Were a Beautiful Baby

All chubby cheeks, big wet eyes, long lashes, and Chiclet teeth fit for a monster. Cooper has been a beautiful baby. For about a week the portents of metamorphosis have been lurking with every bite of an apple, flick of a tongue, or scrape of a toothbrush he made. His baby smile was evolving, and the adult grin was about to break through.

So each morning when I’d push him into line at school I’d say, “Let me see those baby teeth,” or “Can I see your baby smile one more time?” He’d always grant my wish. Every afternoon I’d pick him up fully expecting him to be toothless and carrying a nurse’s office issued treasure box containing one lower left central. But no.

Then tonight, it happened. I left the house to drop off the babysitter and returned to discover the transformation was complete. Boo! I missed it.

His note to the toothfairy read:

Dear Tooth Ferre. My name is Coop. I lost my tooth today.

Oh this boy was slow to grow those teeth. I still remember the copious amounts of sloppy wet drool that would simply drip off his big bee-stung lips. So so so so so so cute. He was a beautiful baby. And now, well now, he’s a strapping young first grader with an awkward smile and a big dark gash where a tusk used to be. I shudder to think what will grow in its place.

PHOTO NOTE: Couldn't find great baby picture with his little teeth in it (just lazy and didn't spend that much time). But look at how cute he is!?!?!?!?


Adamo said...

I can't believe how old he is. I still remember getting little homemade picture books in college with him snuggling Mo.

emma nelson said...

He is so beautiful..little or big!
Christmas would be so fun at your house, I'd love to see the excitemnt on the kids faces Christmas morning.