Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I Don't Want Goals, and A Few More Pics

I made a deal with Coop today. If he can count from 1 to 100 with no hints or help from an adult and identify the figures, I will buy him a Mars Mission LEGO set (or whatever LEGO set he happens to desire at the time he accomplishes this goal). At first he was really excited and immediately tried to count to 100 about five times in a row (all unsuccessful). As a family we ventured over to a local teacher supply store and bought a poster with a 1-100 chart printed on it. On the way home we talked about how we'd practice a little bit tonight before bed, rather than watching a movie. Confronted with this proposition Cooper said, "I don't want goals."

And... here are a few photos from yesterday... that didn't make the cut.

Mason, our stern but adventurous little man.
Check out those cheeks.
Skinny. Just plain skinny.
Also skinny, but taller.
Yum. Lunch.

PS -- In case you're wondering how Cooper is counting. He can get to the 70s. Then he gets tripped up with the pronunciation. Rather than saying, "seventy-one... seventy-two," it sounds more like, "seventeen-one... seventeen-two."


laurel said...

Isn't it a goal to not want goals? I want those cheeks!!!

miniaturequilter said...

How far can Mason count? We are still trying to get to 10!

Claudia said...

I don't like goals, either. Why set myself up for failure?

Glenda said...

Cooper, you are so delightful!
Hey, I think that pic of Mas and the banana out to get enlarged and sent to Uncle Andrew!