Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Dough Boy

I make my own bread. This is something my sister-in-law taught me to do. I am so grateful. It is by far the most profound, relevant, and needed gift she has ever given me. But it was also a gift to my children. Beyond the obvious benefit of warm, fresh bread in their bellies -- they love helping out in the kitchen. So at least once a week, if not twice, I find myself standing next to one or both of my boys and we're elbows deep in flour.

When we're measuring the ingredients we're talking about math concepts. When we're kneading the dough we just talk to each other about things we like. When we're waiting for the bread to rise we play together. When we're waiting for the bread to bake we talk about all the yummy things we'd use to make a sandwich. In general, bread day is a happy day.


Claudia said...

Cute! I guess I need to learn to make bread too (and seeing as you've posted a few different bread recipes, I suppose I have no excuse NOT to!)

lynnie said...

Oh!!! I miss the good old day's ....Jonathon and Sarah loved to play with the dough, talk to me and play games while we baked bread. We never got around to math concepts!

laurel said...

Thinking you should get the mother of the year award. I just try to get them to know colors and their name before school starts. We will plan on the 25th!!!