Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A Lesson Learned from Sparklers

Photographing children playing with fireworks is a little like being a parent to those same small children. The joy is clear, but the details are a little hazy. Namely, I know we’re doing a lot, having fun, learning something new every day – but I’m not always sure exactly what happened.

Likewise, holidays like Independence Day are a little like raising independent children. You want those fancy-free days of sleeping in late and staying up even later to last forever. But really, by Sunday afternoon the last thing you want to do is think about another hot dog, and your thumb is burned from too many sparklers. I’m hoping I’ll feel this way when it’s time for those independent children of mine to enter the next stage of life.

As for now, you should know that two pyromaniacs live here. They loved the holiday and have no clear understanding of why it is celebrated.


Rachel said...

Sounds like sparklers were the highlight of Coopers and Masons weekend too. I think sparklers should be a part of every holiday's celebration. I even felt like a little kid again holding them.

Angenette said...

As a fellow pyro, I also don't know why it's celebrated but I sure love blowing stuff up.

laurel said...

We love sparklers too! The older kids, namely the boys, spent the 4th trying to make homemade M80s out of the rose twirly fireworks. Thanks heavens they didn't work.