Monday, September 20, 2010

The Bad Ones Are Best

I take a lot of photos. I'm not sure if I take more than most people. But I weed through about 25 new pictures a night. (Remember I actually filled up my 2GB memory card halfway through my week long vacation.)

But I have to say, it's the really bad pictures and the ones no one is posing for that I like the best. It is often then that I see the most emotion, the most genuine family moments, and the typical expressions that I see on faces all day every day. They make me a bit melancholy, I wish I could just move that arm out of the way, or sharpen the focus after the fact. It would be perfect if he hadn't shut his eyes, or if I had picked a quicker shutter speed. And don't even get me started on the things I wish I could do in photoshop to my own face.

Here are a few of the bad ones, to prove my point.

Oh see, plainly a very happy moment. Oooops.

The concentration, classic Mason. Someone move that arm!

Whoa! Two sweet brothers at play, listening to each other, and planning an adventure in the sandbox. This could be a great picture if I didn't cut off their hands where they are just reaching out to each other.

Do I really even have to explain myself on this one?How many pictures do you take in a week anyway?


Glenda said...

Love it...that their tongues are so expressive!

Angenette said...

Maybe a half dozen, and most through my camera phone. Yes, you take more than the norm.

laurel said...


The number of photos I take depends on the week. But, clearly, you take the cake on the number of photos!