Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Me, Too

Mason's first day of formal preschool rushed at us like the cool breeze that ushered in September. After months of preparation -- he took collecting school supplies VERY seriously -- he was ready and willing to walk right in, sit right down, and dig in to learning.

I was beginning to agonize because in the weeks leading up to the first day he started to hedge his bets. His first tactic was to tell me he didn't want to leave Ann -- his daycare lady of the past 2 years. Then when he realized I wasn't going for that excuse he started to construct a myriad of cop-outs. My favorite was when he said, "I'll just go to Cooper's school with him."

On the night of his school's ice cream social -- about a week before the start of school -- he acted interested and even participated without force. Until about half way through then he started doubling over and feigning stomach pains. Of course the whole family hightailed it out of there, in fear of the dreaded vomitosis. Once in the car it was clear it was a case of butterflies and perhaps some ill-timed and yet long-overdue gas.

But the morning of was not riddled with worry. In fact, he was brave and bold and enjoyed himself -- a lesson for all of us.
PHOTO NOTE: The black and white photo is from the night of the social, right before he got all stomach-pain-ish on us. The rest are from the first day of school.


Claudia said...

Yeah, Mas!

Glenda said...

How much my little guy has grown this last year. Good for him.

laurel said...

Way to go Mason!

grandma GiGI said...

This child has such a sweet innocent face...He is adorable!