Saturday, September 25, 2010

If You Give a Boy a Party… Tribute to a 4-Year-Old’s Favorite Stories

If you give a boy a party….

And tell him he can invite some friends…

He will likely pick a few who are “just his age…”

They might even bring a sibling and meet you at a place

Where you’ll watch them spend more time picking out what they will paint than painting

And it will remind them that they are hungry

So, good thing you brought some Chik-fil-A nuggets and fruit

Which will make them thirsty, so you’ll pass around some lemonade in big green cups

And that will remind you that you brought a big white cake with a big Buzz Lightyear planted ontop.

This will mean everyone will sing.

And then they’ll open presents.

Which will remind the boy that he’s having a party and he might ask you to have another party tomorrow.

Would you like to see how this boy celebrated 3? How about 2? And I know you want to see him at 1? How about the day he was born?


Rachel said...

Happy Birthday Mason!

Glenda said...

So glad to have been a part of it.

grandma GiGI said...

I just wish I'd been there. But seeing his darling face is the next best thing!

Adamo said...

Love the "If you give a ..." bit. Great books. Happy Birthday Mason!

laurel said...

Happy B-day Mason!!! You are the cutest little boy ever! Glad your grandma Go-Go got to be there for the big day.

Claudia said...

Love this post! So creative! Happy birthday Mason - it looks like you had a great party!

Angenette said...

I love the "if you give a cat a cupcake" format.