Saturday, September 4, 2010

Two Trips

Every household should enforce the idea of separate but equal vacations. In our household, known as the pink trip and the blue trip. I had previously believed these were celebrated in much the same way. Namely, I assumed my husband was enjoying days at the spa, time poolside, nice dinner, and a little dancing.
OK, whatev, I didn't really believe that. But recently we took our pink and blue trips one week apart. We both went to Colorado mountain locations. And we were both gone only about 48 hours. And both of us packed an identical camera -- the same in every way except that mine is pink and his is black (I bet you thought I was going to say blue).

I had to compare the pictures. Of those that I can post... the differences in our vacations is evident. Can you spot the dissimilarities?


Angenette said...

Are you wearing pig tails in the 2nd picture of you? Becuase it's amazingly cute. Makes me want to pinch your cheeks.

Claudia said...

the difference? That's easy. Yours looks more fun. (don't tell Steve!)