Tuesday, March 20, 2007

From the Moment I First Laid EYE On You!

Took the kids to Monster's Inc. Disney on Ice Thursday night. Quite an adventure... starting with pulling up to the Colliseum only to learn that the "safe" parking was $10! In typical fashion, I had no cash. Had to hunt around the area for a cash machine. Not an easy, nor secure task with two kids in the car. Lesson No. 1 on how to be an adventure mom -- bring money!
Once inside the chaos started. Disney crap everywhere and Coop's eyes were literally glazed over with delight. Promptly got suckered into a blue hard hat and crazy green t-shirt. Effective in transforming one adorable toddler into famed monster Mike Wizowski. Oh my!
So happy we scored tickets for this one. Can't wait to take Coop and Mason to another show like this. The fireworks, costumes, and surprise appearance from Mickey Mouse in ice skates a big hit. Great way to kick off my early retirement from the phone company and start my new career as mommy. Woot Woot!

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