Sunday, March 25, 2007

Walk in the Park

Sunday started early with Cooper waking up with bad dreams. This was cause for some cereal and Play-doh. Though nearly prostrate and clapped-out, parents scuffed out of bed and took on the ambitious task of putting together a stellar day. Started with opening our Christmas presents -- yeah, yeah, yeah, I know it's March -- from Grandma Go-Go and Grandpa Bee-Bee. Sweet!

Bike trailer, need bike. Splurged on the comfort cruiser. Ultimate in relinquishing to age and momhood. Boys love it... and surprisingly love each other when in it.

This is the first nap Mason's taken in days! Seriously, this boy has some sleep issues. Also, he's six months and the trailer is "designed for children 12 months and up." Don't tell.

Off to the park, of course. Even crawled into the tube slide. Great way to remind yourself how hugely enormous you are compared to your kids.

The "kit"! Gloried rickshaw. Why is it when the Chinese do it, it's quaint and ethnic. When American, suburbia moms do it, it's the end of their social lives? Note: Kickstand required! Folks, serious equipoise required for this get-up. Make no mistake, I've mastered the wibble-wobble take off.

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