Saturday, March 31, 2007

Barking Spiders and Pepper Toes

Oh the joys! Cooper has a new favorite phrase and excitedly uses it at home, in public, any where and everywhere we go. "Ewww, I got another barking spider!" Or just "That was a barking spider!"

He's referring to farts, of course. As the mother of boys, I've recognized that it is my responsibility to ensure they know at least one joke that is genuinely funny and doesn't refer to poop, butts, or boobs. The thing is, when your 2yol takes delight in calling himself out when there is funk in the air, you can't help but roar with laughter. It's really funny when he points to Mason and says, "Mom, Mason has a barking spider."

We've also learned that Cooper -- like his mother -- has a bloodhound nose and a quick-trigger gag reflex. We were cleaning up the yard and found a small bucket that had water and yard debris in it. Probably sat this way all winter. It stunk. When Cooper leaned over it to investigate he gagged! Then scrunched up his nose and said, "I don't like that."

Coop had to spend some time up at Skyridge yesterday. His oxygen sat dropped again. He's fine, now. Had a fever most of yesterday and last night. But is quite chipper this morning. When Cooper does get fevers he talks in his sleep. If it weren't so scary it would be funny. Yesterday he kept yelling, "What's going to happen?!?!?"

Little Mason is happy as a clam and we're noticing that his motor skills are improving. He loves to eat board books and green beans. Toes are also very popular.
Mason has some super cute shoes that his Aunt Suzie sent him. They have the U.K. flag on them. But we can't keep them on because he just keeps sucking on them and pulling them off.

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